Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for visiting the PurelyBlu website! I truly hope you connect with our mission and what we stand for. PurelyBlu is a dream come true for me and I can’t believe all of this is happening right now! I wanted to give you a little insight into why I started PurelyBlu. Growing up, my family always went to the beach for vacation. I’ve always been drawn to ocean adventures – swimming, surfing, scuba diving, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, basically anything in the water. The more I visited, the more I learned that our oceans are in great danger.

Unfortunately, we (humans) are the cause and have to be the ones to make a change. From the food that we eat, to the transportation use, and to the fashion choices we make… all of these daily decisions add up to disaster for our planet and way of life. After researching these issues, I had an idea to combine my passions with sustainably to help our oceans. I asked myself: “How can we shift consumers' daily choices by designing products that positively impact the environment?” I discovered that I can not only make an impact on our environment but can create beautiful jewelry and accessories out of recycled ocean plastic that people will love and want to wear! From the beginning I wanted PurelyBlu to create maximum impact, so I decided to give 50% of our profits to ocean conservation organizations. The other 50% goes right back into the business so we can grow and have even more impact! PurelyBlue will eventually have a broader jewelry line with a range of stylish accessories – all made out of ocean recycled materials, of course. Stay tuned for more on that! :) I’m really excited about the brand we are building – I hope to set a new model for how fashion brands (any brand really) can think about sustainability. Please join me, follow PurelyBlu, and let’s save our beautiful oceans with style!