Make an Impact

Make waves.

PurelyBlu enables anyone who loves the ocean to have a hand in saving it. We know there are so many people share our spirit of responsibility but may not be able to physically volunteer in cleanup events. That's why all PurelyBlu products are 100% recycled and sold with a promise to donate 50% of profits to organizations making innovative efforts to preserve our oceans. On the water, on land, wherever you wear PurelyBlu, take pride in knowing that you're part of a world-changing movement.

Our Materials

Thanks to our partner #tide ocean material, our products are made from 100% PET-1 grade, recycled (and recyclable) plastic collected from the ocean. Through a mechanical process that adds no chemicals or virgin plastics whatsoever, the plastic is upcycled and transformed into a premium raw material with a purity level of more than 99%. From there, the recycled plastic is formed into the thread and beads used to make PurelyBlu products.

Our Commitment

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